Fluent Kids Program

Kids start the journey to Spanish or English speaking fluency using an immersion approach with actions and creative thinking.

Fluent Kids

  • Enhance their intellectual growth
  • Enrich their understanding of other cultures
  • Excel in AP Spanish exams and college entrance foreign language requirements.
  • Increase their job opportunities and advance in many careers where language skills are an asset.
  • Have a competitive edge worldwide for a lifetime.

Fluent Kids Will Be Able To:

  • Start speaking Spanish in complete sentences on the very first day.
  • Create mini skits and role play situations in Spanish with interesting storylines and characters by the end of 1st week or month depending on the program enrolled.
  • Think creatively to produce meaningful show and tells to parents every week or month to measure progress.
  • Speak fluent Spanish or English by the end of the 9 month after school program using a vocabulary of at least 200 new words. Summer Camp is at least 50 new words in 5 days. The 1st level of fluency consists of at least 200 new words.

Fluent Kids in Spanish Programs

  • Fluent Kids After School Program Year Round
  • Fluent Kids Summer Camp
  • Fluent Kids in Your Home or Community
  • Fluent Kids in English
  • Fluent Kids in Schools
  • Fluent Kids in Day Care and Child Learning Centers

To register and for more information send an email to: fluentkids@careerlanguagetraining.com